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Make up to $403 per sale from a program that is specifically designed to help newbies make up to $500 per client per month by using software to sell simple websites automatically!

We're Ready To Stuff Your Paypal Accounts With Commissions With...

6 weeks after launching his first course on Warrior Plus, Tim is back with a follow up. Thanks for your support! Over 1000 Sales. Not too shabby for the first time.

After 12 years of owning his local agency, Timothy Black will be launching a Video Course showing anyone how they can making $500 or more per month, per client simply finding sites that are not using marketing tools. Simply send an email, start a conversation with a small business owner and start getting paid. Every month.

This is the method he’s used for over 10 years to help clients. And get paid month in and month out. Let’s face it, a single sale is a great. But having clients pay you every month, year in and year out is the best best way to make money offline and build a real business.

This is the perfect follow up to YOUR FIRST CLIENT and your list is going to love this one just as much.

But it’s just as easy for someone who never saw or bought YOUR FIRST CLIENT too. Tim will take them by the hand and show them how to start landing clients who will gladly pay up to $500 month in and month out.

In a couple weeks, the way they earn an income will be changed forever. This is a newbie friendly system that will have your customers stuffing their Paypal accounts full of cash almost instantly.  

Timothy has had his own Local Marketing Agency since 2009 and is ready to start helping other people work for themselves and make a 6 figure income too, with minimal effort.

He’s been on W+ nearly as long, mostly as a buyer but is now launching successful courses. Now, as a high level student of Kenny Cannon he is ready to start launching courses and products to help your customers all while helping you, the affiliate get paid.

Your Path To $441 Per Customer Sale

Not Shown: OTO 4, A $497 One on One Coaching Call

Timothy's Launching On WARRIOR PLUS!

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Review Access Information: If you have 50+ sales on JVZoo, Clickbank or Warrior Plus, please contact us for a review.

Important Contest Details:  The official leader-board and overall contest ranking is based on revenue from the entire sales funnel during the contest period (Wednesday May 19 – Wednesday May 26). For cash prize payouts, there is no minimum sales number requirement, but you must have made commissions equal to or greater than the value of the prize (whole funnel). If this criteria is not met, winners will receive a prorated amount.   


All prizes are paid via PayPal within 48 hours of the contest ending. 


Affiliate Teams: Teams with up to 2 affiliates are allowed for the main content but you need to let us know about the team before the contest begins.