My buddy Courtney K. was quoted $22,250.00 by an agency to build out an Alexa Channel. You're going to Discover How To Deliver The Same Results In Less Than a Few Hours!

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Contact them with the the Done For You email that we give you inside the members area...

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Get the work done. We show you where to how, no special skills needed. It's super easy!

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Collect Your Payment

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Dear Marketing Friend,
If you want to attract clients that will pay you what you are worth and sell more of whatever your product or service is, this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read.
I’m about to reveal a FREE hidden traffic source for you and your clients that’s growing like wildfire.
  1. None of your competitors know about. While your competition is selling social media, bots SEO like everyone else, you’ll be offering something completely different! Get paid monthly by creating an Alexa channel for local clients, helping them generate new leads


  1. Get paid monthly. Create and manage an Amazon Alexa(tm) channel for local clients and help them generate new leads!


  1. No Coding Skills Needed – You don’t need to be a coder anymore to get your content into Amazon Alexa. You could have your or clients Alexa channel in an afternoon- but don’t tell your clients it’s that easy!


  1. The potential to reach millions of buyers every day. Every niche imaginable ready to buy your or your clients products or services. in every niche imaginable, ready to buy yours or your client’s products and services.


  1. Perfect For Local Marketers. Publish daily tips and tricks or local events!


  1. No Alexa Needed. You (or your clients don’t need to own an Amazon Alexa to take advantage of this!

After twisting Courtney’s arm, he is ready to reveal His secret!

A Newbie Friendly Way To Start Earning Without Product Creation, Paid Traffic, A Website Or Even Having An Existing List Of Prospects!

I’m Not Kidding. He wanted to keep this secret just to himself and his inner circle!

I have to admit, I got a little excited thinking about sharing this…

And I don’t get excited about much…

But this is THE easiest way to get recurring revenue and get it fast! All by going after a new and untapped niche method and showing it to potential clients happy to pay you $250 plus a month. Month in and months out.


Don’t Just Take My Word For It

According to GeekWire…

  • 55% of US Households Will Have Alexa by 2022
  • $10 Billion Worth of Sales Will Be Driven Through Alexa by 2020
  • 100 Million People in the USA Use Some Type of Smart Speaker
  • Echo Dot is Amazon’s #1 Selling Product

With your own Alexa channel in the Alexa store, people can add it to their device and start receiving your audio content.

*Things like…Welcome back, I’ve got a hot tip for getting your website into Google’s local business listings today…”

“Today’s positivity challenge… you’re not allowed to say the words “I can’t.” Instead, you must replace them with “I’ll try my best” or “That sounds like a challenge.” Good luck and remember to visit our website for more tips at…”

“Here’s a great workout you can try today… it’s perfect for developing the upper abs… first, you need to grab…

“Here’s this week’s real estate round up for New York. See what homes sold for and listen to our top tips for getting the highest asking price for your property…”

I first started to discover the potential of this at the beginning of the year. 

I spent countless hours ‘googling’ and trying to put all of the pieces together. 
It wasn’t easy and it was time-consuming. 

Most of the stuff that I found was outdated. Even the Amazon resources were ‘techy.’ 

I used to be a computer science major in college and spent countless hours learning to code. 

I went down a rabbit hole of Json code and Lambda. ASK and DSK and API functions.

Here is a sample piece of code…
“version”: “1.0”,”session”: {“new”: true,”sessionId”:
    {“applicationId”: “amzn1.ask.skill.[unique-value-here]”},”attributes”: {“key”: “string value”},”user”:
      {“userId”: “amzn1.ask.account.[unique-value-here]”,” 
}accessToken”: “Atza|AAAAAAAA…”,”permissions”: {“consentToken”: “ZZZZZZZ…”} 
    },”context”: {“System”: 
{“device”: {“deviceId”: “string”,”supportedInterfaces”: {“AudioPlayer”: {}}},”application”: {“applicationId”: “amzn1.ask.skill.[unique-value-here]”},”user”: {“userId”: “amzn1.ask.account.[unique-value-here]”,”accessToken”: “Atza|AAAAAAAA…”,”permissions” 
:    {“consentToken”: “ZZZZZZZ…”}},”person”: {“personId”: “amzn1.ask.person.[unique-value-here]”,”accessToken”: “Atza|BBBBBBB…”},”unit”:
     {“unitId”: “amzn1.ask.unit.[unique-value-here]”,”persistentUnitId” : “amzn1.alexa.unit.did.[unique-value-here]”},”apiEndpoint”: ” 
]”,”apiAccessToken”: “AxThk…”},”AudioPlayer”: {“playerActivity”: “PLAYING”,”token”: “audioplayer-token”,”offsetInMilliseconds”: 0}},”request”: {} }


For the service you’ll be providing, there is NO CODING INVOLVED!

I immediately recognized the potential of this technology for my business, for my clients and for other marketers.

I researched and devoured everything I could find about this.

At one point I contacted a certified Amazon Developer Agency and asked them to build out my idea.

The quote as for 150 hours at $150/hour! ($22,250.00) -Twenty-two thousand and two hundred fifty dollars.

The day that changed everything…

I attended the Amazon developers conference. It was during one of the sessions that I discovered a hidden treasure trove of resources and DFY templates that were buried in links and sub-links of the Amazon Developer site. (ZERO CODING REQUIRED!)

How YOU can use Alexa in YOUR business and for YOUR  clients? 

You can leverage the power of Alexa to sell…Your stuff like:

  • Digital Courses
  • Marketing Services
  • Books
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Coaching And Consulting Services
  • Software
  • Publish Your Podcast on Amazon


Alexa gives you the opportunity to increase your brand exposure and promote just about anything!

Here are a few of the things you’ll discover in this course…

Mistakes to avoid to get your Amazon Channel approved. This is one thing that you don’t want to get wrong! Amazon has a lot of trademarks.

The one factor that has the most impact on having your Alexa channel being found!

Logo design and branding. Amazon has specific dimensions for your logo or avatar. I’m going to show you how to make your logo and avatar fit in the design space to make you or your client look like a pro.

How to turn your blog or podcast into an Alexa channel. If you podcast or have podcasting clients, this is easy money!

How to do Keyword research for your Alexa channel.

How to measure how many people listen to your channel. Now you can show your clients that people are loving their Alexa channel.

What other services you can offer your clients that complement their Alexa channel.



Inside LocAlexa With Courtney K, You'll Get:

Module 1 - Overview

Here is where I give you the 30k foot view of how this will all work

Module 2 - Learn How To Set Up Special Alexa skills

This is so cool and you've never seen anything like this before

Module 3 - Marketing The Service

Here we'll show you how to market this cool new service

Module 4 - Getting Paid

Here I'll show the easiest way to collect payments, painlessly

Here's What You'll Discover Inside The LOCALEXA WITH COURTNEY K Program

This Is The Ultimate Method for Newbies And (former) "Failures" And No! It Doesn’t Just Work For Us...

This is just this year to date. And from just one of my accounts that we collect payments in, separate from Paypal

Get Started With 'LocAlexa' Today And We’ll Give You These Bonuses For FREE…

Bonus: Contract Paperwork

When you make your first sale you'll want to have an official contract to protect you and your client. No need to pay a lawyer to get this done. I already did that and will be giving it to you as a bonus. This cost over $500 to get done by a lawyer.

Bonus: Invoices

You'll also need a professional looking invoice for your client so they can have it for their records and accounting. Once again I have you covered and will send this to you as a bonus

Bonus: 90 Minutes of Training

We'll be having a 90 minute Zoom call next week for me to answer any questions you may have. I'll be there as long as it takes to answer everyone's questions about this amazing new side tool and your new side hustle

You Have No Risk With Our
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee...

If for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll get you a refund of your investment today. We’re willing to take on ALL of the risk because we know this training and the case study will change your life and make you a lot of money. The only way you can lose is by not getting your hands on this right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What Is This All About?
This is a simple method that ANYONE can use to start seeing results with only 60 minutes of work per day.

Do I Need To Create A Product?
NO! You do not need to create a product or have a current product to use this system.

Do I Need Any Tech Skills?
No technical skills are required at all.

Do I Need Any Sales Skills?
Nope, You just send the email I give you. So the answer to that is NO!

I’ve ‘Failed’ In The Past. Can I Still Do This?
Yes, if you’re willing to forget what you learned from the ‘failures’ who taught you in the past!

How Are You Different From Everyone Else?
I’ve had my own Digital Marketing Agency since 2009 and this is how it’s done. This is how you land your first client and start to make a side income, if not a full time income. I really do this stuff daily!

How Soon Will I See Results?
The truth is that I’ve seen people make money with this model in a few hours and I’ve seen people make nothing at all. Let me ask you this…How long will it take me to drive to New York? To answer that you’d need to know where I’m coming from and how fast I’m willing to drive…right? Same thing applies here. The faster you ‘drive’ our model the faster you’ll see results.

Is There A Guarantee?
Yes! There is a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the training for any reason, simply submit a support ticket and we’ll process your refund within 24 hours. All of our payments are processed through PayPal so you are 100% protected by them.

How Do I Get Started?
Look right below this line of text. There’s a button. Click it and follow the instructions :

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal: We are offering you an in depth course on leveraging the power of Amazon Alexa. You’ll discover strategies that you can use in your own business or add this as a service to sell.


You’ve never seen this being taught anywhere!

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